Enum ValueType

Enum Documentation

enum class slint::interpreter::ValueType : int8_t

This enum represents the different public variants of the [Value] enum, without the contained values.


enumerator Void

The variant that expresses the non-type. This is the default.

enumerator Number

An int or a float (this is also used for unit based type such as length or angle)

enumerator String

Correspond to the string type in .slint.

enumerator Bool

Correspond to the bool type in .slint.

enumerator Model

A model (that includes array in .slint)

enumerator Struct

An object.

enumerator Brush

Correspond to brush or color type in .slint. For color, this is then a [Brush::SolidColor].

enumerator Image

Correspond to image type in .slint.

enumerator Other

The type is not a public type but something internal.