Getting Started

We assume that you are a somewhat familiar with Rust, and that you know how to create a Rust application with cargo new. The Rust Getting Started Guide can help you get set up.

We recommend using rust-analyzer and our editor integrations for .slint files for following this tutorial.

First, we create a new cargo project:

cargo new memory
cd memory

Then we edit Cargo.toml to add the slint dependency using cargo add:

cargo add slint@1.1.1

Finally we copy the hello world program from the Slint documentation into our src/

fn main() {

slint::slint! {
    export component MainWindow inherits Window {
        Text {
            text: "hello world";
            color: green;

We run this example with cargo run and a window will appear with the green "Hello World" greeting.

Screenshot of initial tutorial app showing Hello World