Winit Backend#

The Winit backend uses the winit library to interact with the windowing system.

The Winit backend supports practically all relevant operating systems and windowing systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux with Wayland and X11.

The Winit backend supports different renderers. They can be explicitly selected for use through the SLINT_BACKEND environment variable.

Renderer name Supported/Required Graphics APIs SLINT_BACKEND value to select renderer
FemtoVG OpenGL winit-femtovg
Skia OpenGL, Metal, Direct3D winit-skia
software Software-rendering, no GPU required winit-software

Configuration Options#

The Winit backend reads and interprets the following environment variables:

Name Accepted Values Description
SLINT_FULLSCREEN any value If this variable is set, every window is shown in fullscreen mode.