Builtin Structures#


This structure is generated and passed to the key press and release callbacks of the FocusScope element.


  • text (string): The unicode representation of the key pressed.

  • modifiers (KeyboardModifiers): The keyboard modifiers active at the time of the key press event.


KeyboardModifier provides booleans to indicate possible modifier keys on a keyboard, such as Shift, Control, etc. This structure is generated as part of KeyEvent On macOS, the command key is mapped to the meta modifier. On Windows, the windows key is mapped to the meta modifier.


  • alt (bool): Indicates the alt key on a keyboard.

  • control (bool): Indicates the control key on a keyboard.

  • shift (bool): Indicates the shift key on a keyboard.

  • meta (bool): Indicates the command key on macos.


This structure represents a point with x and y coordinate


  • x (length)

  • y (length)


Represents a Pointer event sent by the windowing system. This structure is generated and passed to the pointer-event callback of the TouchArea element.


  • button (PointerEventButton): The button that was pressed or released

  • kind (PointerEventKind): The kind of the event

  • modifiers (KeyboardModifiers): The keyboard modifiers pressed during the event


Represents an item in a StandardListView and a StandardTableView.


  • text (string): The text content of the item


This is used to define the column and the column header of a TableView


  • title (string): The title of the column header

  • min_width (length): The minimum column width (logical length)

  • horizontal_stretch (float): The horizontal column stretch

  • sort_order (SortOrder): Sorts the column

  • width (length): the actual width of the column (logical length)