A button that, when clicked, opens a popup to select a value.


  • current-index: (in-out int): The index of the selected value (-1 if no value is selected)

  • current-value: (in-out string): The currently selected text

  • enabled: (in bool): Defaults to true. When false, the combobox can’t be interacted with

  • has-focus: (out bool): Set to true when the combobox has keyboard focus.

  • model (in [string]): The list of possible values


  • selected(string): A value was selected from the combo box. The argument is the currently selected value.


import { ComboBox } from "std-widgets.slint";
export component Example inherits Window {
    width: 200px;
    height: 130px;
    ComboBox {
        y: 0px;
        width: self.preferred-width;
        height: self.preferred-height;
        model: ["first", "second", "third"];
        current-value: "first";