A widget used to enter a single line of text. See TextEdit for a widget able to handle several lines of text.


  • enabled: (in bool): Defaults to true. When false, nothing can be entered selecting text is still enabled as well as editing text programmatically (default value: false)

  • font-size (in length): the size of the font of the input text

  • has-focus: (out bool): Set to true when the line edit currently has the focus

  • horizontal-alignment (in enum TextHorizontalAlignment): The horizontal alignment of the text.

  • input-type (in enum InputType): The way to allow special input viewing properties such as password fields (default value: text).

  • placeholder-text: (in string): A placeholder text being shown when there is no text in the edit field

  • read-only (in bool): When set to true, text editing via keyboard and mouse is disabled but selecting text is still enabled as well as editing text programatically (default value: false)

  • text (in-out string): The text being edited


  • focus() Call this function to focus the LineEdit and make it receive future keyboard events.

  • clear-focus() Call this function to remove keyboard focus from this LineEdit if it currently has the focus. See also Focus Handling.

  • set-selection-offsets(int, int) Selects the text between two UTF-8 offsets.

  • select-all() Selects all text.

  • clear-selection() Clears the selection.

  • copy() Copies the selected text to the clipboard.

  • cut() Copies the selected text to the clipboard and removes it from the editable area.

  • paste() Pastes the text content of the clipboard at the cursor position.


  • accepted(string): Enter was pressed

  • edited(string): Emitted when the text has changed because the user modified it


import { LineEdit } from "std-widgets.slint";
export component Example inherits Window {
    width: 200px;
    height: 25px;
    LineEdit {
        font-size: 14px;
        width: parent.width;
        height: parent.height;
        placeholder-text: "Enter text here";