• enabled: (in bool): Defaults to true. You can’t interact with the slider if enabled is false.

  • has-focus: (out bool): Set to true when the slider currently has the focus

  • value (in-out float): The value. Defaults to the minimum.

  • minimum (in float): The minimum value (default: 0)

  • maximum (in float): The maximum value (default: 100)

  • orientation (in enum Orientation): If set to true the Slider is displayed vertical (default: horizontal).


  • changed(float): The value was changed

  • released(float): Invoked when the user completed changing the slider’s value, i.e. when the press on the knob was released or the arrow keys lifted.


import { Slider } from "std-widgets.slint";
export component Example inherits Window {
    width: 200px;
    height: 25px;
    Slider {
        width: parent.width;
        height: parent.height;
        value: 42;